Although there were Galloway and Galloway type cattle on the farm since the mid 1700's it was only in 1958 that the present pedigree herd was founded by the purchase of one cow from the late J.B. Graham, Racavan, Broughshane. She was Kristy 3rd of Racavan by King of Racavan, and her breeding goes back to Kristy of Auchengassel, which was imported from Scotland in 1914/15.

Two or three different bulls were used with Kristy the 3rd, but the combination which really worked was with Plascow Alliance which came from Scotland in 1969. This produced Kate of Upper Buckna towards the end of the old cows breeding life. This founded the Kate family which for the last 40 years has been the main stay of the herd. Alliance was a son of Plascow Standfast, who was a son of Plascow Norseman, the 13,500gns bull which stood as a record price for many years.

The heifer, Bellona 4th of Bogstown was purchased in 1964 from the late John Bell, Loughconnely, Broughshane who founded the Bellona family and produced many good cattle especially bulls. It seemed to be better at producing bulls than heifers and that is possibly the reason why there is not so many of the family left.

In 1970 Rusko Standfast weighing 2,350lbs (1,066kg) in his prime was purchased in Castle Douglas, Scotland from the late T. H. Gardener, Upper Rusko, Scotland. Standfast was a son of Craigmuie Quartus and Wendy of Rusko, this is the bull that really made the herd, his daughters bred well to Grange Coventanter and Nomen of Lochurr which were used by A.I..

The heifer, Gay of Cairnsmore was purchased in Castle Douglas from Mr Mat Brown in 1995. This founded the Gay and Gail family and are coming up now to equal the Kates.

In recent years Canadian Genetics have been imported both live and as embryos, and bulls from this has been used as stock bulls.

Please feel free to look through our gallery to see some of our Kate family!